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About Us

Where Scandinavian elegance meets media. We embrace clean lines, quality, and the Nordic lifestyle. Crafting captivating stories that inspire, we transcend borders with our refined touch.

Eden capture luxury from A-Z

“We specialize in both capturing and creating luxury for companies and brands, elevating their image and offerings to unparalleled levels of sophistication and exclusivity.”

Project Overflow

Client Meeting

A meeting in crucial to get knowledge about the clients needs and vision going into a partnership.
Listen to their interest and together create the best solution for their needs. Understanding the brand mission and goal, is crucial to align the project with these missions and goals.


Send Offer

Based on the information gathered from the meeting with the client an offer with content and pricing
is proposed to the client.



Analyse and find the needs of the brand and the best way to execute to get the most value out of the content going forward.


Deliver Product

Produce the content agreed on from client meeting and deliver the final product.



The final step of content production for social platforms is to post the content. Creating a schedule that fits your target audience is cruicial to make the right people see the content. Automated schedules gives better results and consistency.



Investigate where the process went right and where it is room for improvement. With this
knowledge future content will perform even better.